Tech Fashion Week

As Tech Fashion Week 2016 in San Francisco approached, we spoke with the founder of Talent Age, Kyung H. Yoon. Kyung has extensive knowledge of a multitude of industries especially that of fashion. She gave us her thoughts on the upcoming Tech Fashion extravaganza:

“Tech Fashion Week is a very exciting development”.

You will be able to see the latest and greatest of new companies, people that are innovating and changing the way- everything from design to the way showrooms are put together, the way we interact with their salespeople, and the way we try on their clothes, the way we order things, and interact with a brand is all happening.

The fashion industry is poised for technology led transformation in major ways, especially in how brands engage with their customers. One of the first events for Tech Fashion Week was the Retail Tech Summit Digital Storefront and Future of Showrooming on Tuesday, February 23. This event featured a panel of speakers from Semantics 3, Banana Republic, Paypal, and Westfield Labs. The speakers discussed a wide variety of variables to create an experience for consumers through the use of digitalization and brick and mortar storefronts. Hari Viswanathan from Semantics 3 made great points of the conversion from brick and mortar to digital storefronts. Some of his examples were:

Jad Habouch from PayPal mentioned the use of psychographics to direct marketing toward preference as well. Teague O’Malley from Banana Republic had an interesting perspective on creating more of an experience in store buildings now that websites exist and can take part of the pressure off of the brick and mortar storefronts. He also stated that it is integral for a social media campaign to utilize user-generated content.

The overall consensus was that a hybrid of digital and brick and mortar storefronts should exist. The speakers felt that the experience for the consumer is the highest priority whether it be online or in person. Kyung conveyed that “the digital storefront will allow people to really personalize their experiences and engage in a way that makes sense to them”. No one is prepared for this new wave; however, many of these designers and engineers are making great strides to be at the forefront of this new revolution. As Kyung declares, “We’ll be seeing amazing things in 2016 and we are all very excited to see what is in store for us this year”.